Past Programs

In It To Win It School: January 28-February 2, 2013

GGJ kicked off 2013 by collaborating with SOUL (School of Unity and Liberation) to host the second In It to Win It School for Left Strategies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bringing together more than 80 staff and member leaders from more than 40 base-building and activist groups across the country, this year’s In It to Win It School was a powerful chance to grapple with strategies and visions  that can drive our movements in this time of historic transformation.

The People vs NATO: Showdown in Chicago 2012

GGJ members have asked for materials to deepen their understanding about the NATO and G8 organizational formations.  We have compiled a variety of articles, videos and websites that will support learning, deepen analysis and provide context for the NATO (Chicago, 5/20/12-5/21/12) and G8 (Camp David, 5/18/12-5/19/12).  

Post-Chicago updates will be made here:

USSF 2010 What Did We Accomplish?

US Social Forum: What did we accomplish? How far do we need to go?

by Michael Leon Guerrero

The second United States Social Forum (USSF) last month in Detroit, Michigan was a significant achievement for progressive movements in the U.S. Roughly 18,000 people representing 1,800 organizations attended. Just as its predecessor in Atlanta in 2007, the USSF embodied the rich diversity of ages, races, gender identities and cultures of an authentic peoples movement.