The People vs NATO: Showdown in Chicago 2012

GGJ members have asked for materials to deepen their understanding about the NATO and G8 organizational formations.  We have compiled a variety of articles, videos and websites that will support learning, deepen analysis and provide context for the NATO (Chicago, 5/20/12-5/21/12) and G8 (Camp David, 5/18/12-5/19/12).  

Post-Chicago updates will be made here:

Members of GGJ's delegation will post blogs, photos and other information to our new blog. [Posted 5/16/12]

No NATO Delegation to Chicago, with a list of participating organizations and a reminder of our political goals while in Chicago. [Posted 5/10/12]

NEW TOOLKIT now available:  You Can't Take What's All of Ours! (.pdf version) (word version) PLUS slideshow. Let us know what you think of it by completing a 5 minute questionnaire

Click here for a calendar of events. [Updated 5/14/12]

Click here for the Counter Summit for Peace and Economic Justice: GGJ has signed on as a supporter of the Counter Summit and will facilitate a workshop on Saturday, May 19. [Updated 5/7/12]

Know Your Right to Protest in Chicago, an ACLU-Illinois Report prepared to inform people traveling to Chicago about their rights during the no-NATO mobilizations. [posted 5/7/12]

Check out Chicago Indymedia's NATO Fact Sheet, a resource for civilian journalists, streamers and activists. [posted 5/8/12]

GGJ Framing Documents

The Global 1% and Its Private Army, Political and Popular Education Committee (3/12/12)

GGJ Membership Call to Action, No War Working Group (3/12/12)

Brief Histories: NATO and G8

Overview of NATO prepared by the War Resister's League

Overview of G8 prepared by the Institute for Policy Studies

Articles on G8, NATO and Militarism

Dividing the spoils: A primer on the NATO and G8 summits, an article by Eric Ruder on International Socialist Review. (posted 5/14/12)

Mother Earth Should Not Be Owned, Privatized or Exploited, an interview of Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director of Indigenous Environment Network by Aline Jenckel of Interpress Service News Agency. (posted 5/10/12)

Why do we protest NATO, an article by Buddy Bell at Voices for Creative Nonviolence.  Bell writes, "Those who participate in the May actions...will not just be protesting NATO, but will also be proposing a different agenda for the nations who convene under NATO's banner." (posted 5/1/12)

Enforcers for the Global 1%, an article by Eric Ruder at (posted 5/1/12)

Opposing NATO and the G8: Why LGBTQ Folks Should be Involved, a statement by Gay Liberation Network. (posted 5/1/12)

The U.S. Military Assault on Global Climate, an article by H. Patricia Hynes for Science for Peace. (posted 4/5/12)

Talking about military spending and the Pentagon budget, an article by the National Priorities Project (available for download)

A closer look at the Wells Fargo, BNP deal, an article by Collin Eaton for the Houston Business Journal. On 2/22/12, Wells Fargo bought the French bank BNP Paribas.  BNP is the largest investor in nuclear energy and is currently planning to provide financing for the construction of an out of date nuclear power. 

Media briefing on the purchase of BNP by Wells Fargo, a briefing by Green Peace.

Cluster bomb trade funded by world's biggest banks, an article by The Guardian.

Iraq War Profits, a internet article by the Ethical Consumer that explores the profits of various companies benefitting from the war. 

Videos and Multimedia Resources on G8, NATO and Militarism

No 'Welcome' for NATO, a video created by the American Friends Service Committee as a satirical response to the Chicago NATO Host Committee's video competition for CPS students.  Rather than celebrate NATO's visit to Chicago, AFSE considers it important to highlight the austerity measures that the City is taking against its residents. (posted 5/14/12)

Budget Brief - Same Slice, Different Pie, a video clip from the National Priorities Project that explains why different pie charts explain military budgeting differently. (posted 5/4/12)

Phyllis Bennis on NATO's role in Africa and the Libyan intervention, a video clip from Democracy Now (11/1/2011).

Bombs and Budgets, an audio presentation and interview with Ali Issa of War Resister's League (9/13/2011).

Bank Tracking, an interactive website that allows visitors to follow the trail of bank investments.

Popular Education Materials

Bombs and Budgets, a curriculum prepared by the War Resisters League (10/2011)

NATO/G8 PowerPoint Presentation, prepared by the American Friends Service Committee.  Additional resources may be viewed and downloaded here

Articles and Videos on NATO by Counter Summit Speaker Vijay Prashad

Dream history of the global South, article published in Interface Journal.  See pages 43 – 53  for Vijay's article.  The journal features other articles on the Arab Spring, including Samir Amin. (posted 5/10/12)

Vijay Prashad urges re-evaluation of NATO attack on Lybia in debate over Syria intervention, video interview on Democracy Now (2/21/12)

Cynicism Around Syria: Russia as Smokescreen, article published by Counterpunch (2/3/2012)

Afghanistan and the Surge to Withdrawal - OpEd, article published by Eurasia Review (1/6/2012)

Qaddafi, From Beginning to End, article published by (10/21/2011)