Call 2: The Long Game and Key Strategic Questions


If you missed the call on December 13th, here is the audio recording of the call:



(Please note:  There were small group breakout discussions, which is skipped over in the recording, so it will sound like an abrupt transition.)

Tarso also presented a powerpoint (available as a PDF here):

We started off the call with a landscape analysis of the reactionary right and the Trump moment.  The speakers then spoke to what strategies they thought we needed to be engaged in right now including building new democratic vehicles and solid municipal power, to build the Tea Party of the Democratic Party, to fight for our vision of democracy and the social safety net and a resistance strategy, to build popular and united fronts that represents the broadest sections of people who can be pulled together, and how we need to be aligning with each other and social movement consolidation, including building new national structures.

And here are links to recommended readings:

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