Francisca Porchas on the International Symposium on the Climate Crisis, Mexican Action Network Against Free Trade

This past June 20-21st I had the honor of traveling to Mexico City, Mexico representing GGJ  at the “International Symposium on the Climate Crisis: from Cancun to Durban and Rio + 20” organized by RMALC (Red Mexicana de Accion Frente al Libre Comercio), Mexican Action Network Against Free Trade and UAM (Universidad Autonoma de Mexico).

Bolivia denuncia la adopción del Acuerdo de Copenhage II sin consenso

(English below)

Comunicado de Prensa
Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia

Bolivia denuncia la adopción del Acuerdo de Copenhage II sin consenso

Diciembre 11, 2010 (Cancún, Mexico).- El Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia cree que el texto de Cancún es una victoria vacía y falsa que fue impuesta sin consenso, y su costo será medible en vidas humanas. La historia juzgará severamente.

Cancunhagen forces humankind to suicide! Friends of the Earth Statement on COP16 Outcomes

Cancunhagen forces humankind to suicide!

(Cancun, Mexico, December 11, 2010) The final outcome of the Cancun climate talks basically reflects the same negative outcome of the Copenhagen Accord in December, 2009. Therefore, it threatens the life of the Kyoto Protocol, but even more importantly, it threatens the life of humankind, because if these outcome is implemented, by the end of the century the planet will see global temperature rising by an average of over 5°C , which would make the Earth too inhospitable for our civilization.

COP 16 ends: Cancun climate change talks disappoint global expectations*

COP 16 ends: Cancun climate change talks disappoint global expectations*

In the early morning hours of December 11, 2010 a COP 16 Accord was
announced. However the text of this Accord did not represent an advance on
what came out of last year’s "Copenhagen Accord", and instead signalled an
acceptance of the earlier ´agreement´ thereby evading any real solutions
to the climate change crisis.

Though there is talk of multilateralism having been rescued as a by-product

Civil Society Statements on expulsion from COP16: Tom Goldtooth, Mari Rose Taruc, Joaquin Sanchez Jr., and Sunyoung Yang

Statement By Tom Goldtooth, Leader of the Indigenous Environmental Network Delegation to UNFCCC COP-16 Negotiations

“The Voices of those Who Speak for Mother Earth Must Not Be Silenced”

Dec 9, 2010

I have come to the UNFCCC COP-16 climate talks in Cancun, Mexico as a member of Grassroots Solutions for Climate Justice — North America a delegation of Indigenous Peoples and representatives from fossil fuel impacted communities who are on the frontlines of addressing the climate crisis.

1000 Cancuns coverage and GGJ Y4CJ Protest on Democracy Now

Democracy Now
Wed, 12/08/2010

Youth for Climate Justice, GGJ, GJEP and IEN Inside Action Coverage starts at 31 mins.

Check out Kari Fulton of Youth for Climate Justice's great speech at the 1000 Cancuns press conference inside the negotiations.  Also check out Sunyoung Yang of the Labor Community Strategy Center and GGJ's fierce chanting and resistance to the UN suits and enforcers who kicked the youth out of the building.

1000 Cancuns March and global action coverage starts at 39 mins.