Letter Against Superhighway in Mexico City, in Support of La Malinche community Makes News

A letter of support for the La Malinche community in Mexico and against the building of the Western Superhighway in Mexico City made the news.  Big ups to Kelly Archbold of the Labor/Community Strategy Center for coordinating this effort.  Kelly was part of the La Via Campesina Caravan to Cancun that visited the La Malinche community and learned about the struggle of the Frente Amplio Contra la Supervía Poniente de Cuota en Defensa del Medio Ambiente (Broad Front Against the Western Superhighway and in Defense of th

Apoyan ONG de EU y Canadá demandas contra la supervía

La Jornada - Mexico
Tue, 02/22/2011

En una carta abierta 28 grupos piden acatar recomendación y suspender la obra

Exigen generar condiciones para un diálogo serio entre vecinos y el jefe de Gobierno

Foto Marcelo Ebrard inauguró la Clínica Espacio Interactivo en Salud para JóvenesFoto María Meléndrez Parada Josefina Quintero M.   Periódico La Jornada
Martes 22 de febrero de 2011, p. 36

La Viva Caravan!

by Kari Koch, Portland Central American Solidarity Committee

200 people on three large buses driving across the west of mexico over the past three days. Each day we stop three or more times to visit with the local community about their experiences with climate justice - actually more of their experiences with environmental destruction at the hands of transnationals corporations and the governments that are complicite in the oppression.

Day 2 of La Via Campesina Caravan--On the Road to Cancun!

By Ash-Lee Henderson, Mountain Justice

Today was an amazing day.

We visited Alpuyeca, the "land of Zapata", today. We were welcomed by locals before we exited the bus with warm smiles, banners, confetti, flowered necklaces--followed by a cultural welcoming with traditional dancing, great food, and prayers for safe travels. The local indigenous people are fighting the land their elders and ancestors have loved and cared for generation after generation.

Day 2 in Mexico - Day 1 of the Via Campesina caravan

By Ash-Lee Henderson, Mountain Justice

[I think our caravan (I'm on the La Via Campesina Caravan) gets to Cancun on December 3rd. Right now we're meeting locals in different villages and cities, learning about their struggles and telling them about ours. There are folks from 12 different countries or so.]