At U.S. Social Forum, "Excluded Workers" Move From Shadows to Negotiating Table

Thu, 07/01/2010


By Bankole Thompson, IPS News
Posted on July 1, 2010, Printed on July 8, 2010

DETROIT, Jun 24, 2010 (IPS) - The U.S. labour movement needs to be reorganised from the bottom up to include domestic workers, day labourers, restaurant workers, taxi drivers, farm workers, incarcerated workers, guest workers and those in the "right to work" states.

Second U.S. Social Forum Opens New Chapter in US Movements for Justice, Equality, and Sustainability

Second U.S. Social Forum Opens New Chapter in US Movements for Justice, Equality, and Sustainability

06-28-2010 – DETROIT The United States Social Forum (USSF) closed Saturday with an inspirational national assembly and closing ceremony. Today, the Forum’s National Planning Committee (NPC) declared the forum a great success with attendance of more than 15,000 people from Detroit, from rural and urban areas across the nation, and from countries across the world including South Africa, Palestine, Honduras and Nepal.


What:   Press conference, 12:15-1:00 PM
        Social movement leaders from South Africa, Honduras, Canada and Mexico challenge
        the G-20‘s empty promises and devastating policies

Where: United States Social Forum
       Cobo Center, 1 Washington Boulevard, Detroit, MI 48226-4420
       People's Media Center,  Ambassador Dining Room W2-60, 2nd floor Cobo Hall
(the last room at the end of the hallway overlooking the Detroit River)

Liepollo Pheko, Gender and Trade Network for Africa, South Africa

What is the analysis of the current situation

The NPC is now discussing four questions that will be discussed at roughly 20 social forums throughout the world leading to the WSF in Dakar, Senegal 2011, Any thoughts?

  • What is the analysis of the current situation?
  • What is the analysis of the state of social movements? What is the state of resistance?
  • What are the alternative projects?
  • What are the strategies of the process of the US Social Forum?



Nike Shox Current 807

National Planning Committee meeting US Social Forum in Atlanta

Staff and several members are at the Simpsonwood Retreat Center outside of Atlanta, GA. Good start to the meeting yesterday. The Organizing Committee met to review the agenda for the weekend and there was a lively exchange between Detroit and Atlanta organizers to share experiences from USSF 2007. I will try to update this blog during the course of the weekend with some of the main political questions we are discussing. If you have any questions or comments, please sign in and comment to this blog.