Sharing Insights: Smith's Steinem Initiative Hosts Conversation for Women Organizers

Grécourt Gate: Smith College News
Fri, 06/17/2016

In her daily life as a labor organizer, Caitlin DuBois ’13 says she is “constantly in motion.”

There is little time to pause and reflect on the work she is doing for the New England chapter of UNITEHere!, a union representing thousands of mostly female workers in industries ranging from food services to textiles.

That’s why DuBois is looking forward to attending the second annual Gloria & Wilma School for Organizers June 20-23 at Smith.

Updates on IAD Healthcare Actions October 15 and October 20, 2009 and Taking on the Banks

Updates on Healthcare Actions

October 15th and 20th Mobilizations for health care reform kicked into high gear this past week and will continue into the following week. These are some of the geographic areas where there have been or will be concentrations of IAD activity (please correct my information if I didn’t get it right):