Nao Al Golpe! No to the Coup in Brazil!

“The coup is not only against the Dilma government, but against the majority of the Brazilian people. The coup may intensify the withdrawal of the historically won rights and start a conservative and fascist process against the poor, Black communities, Indigenous Peoples, the landless, LGBT community members, youth and women. So for that reason we are on the frontline against this process and at the same time, the struggle for land, for agrarian reform, and the structural reforms that will benefit the people.”

- Kelli Malfort, Movimento Trabalhaores Sem Terra (MST), Brazil

PR: Simultaneous Mothers Day Actions for Berta Cáceres

For Immediate Release May 10, 2016

Press Contacts: Helena Wong, Grassroots Global Justice: (917) 270-0322;

Simultaneous Mothers Day Actions in New York Call for Justice for Berta Cáceres & Indigenous Peoples in Honduras

“In light of the on-going violence, including the attack yesterday, it is more important than ever to stand up for Berta and the people of Honduras.”