"International Women's Struggle Day": World March of Women #IWD2019 Statement


In every part of the world, we women are all coming out into the streets to rejoice in the collective strength that we are building together, through our organization. Marching allows us to reclaim our silenced voices and memories.
Our collective struggle has challenged the patriarchy, denormalized violence against our bodies and demanded recognition for our work and for our contributions to the economy and for society as a whole.

GGJ Member Reflection on Women's March Convening DC 2019

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Piper Carters Reflection on Women's March Delegation DC 2019

Gender equity and racial justice are tightly interwoven historically, and currently Black, Brown, & Indigenous Women’s bodies, livelihoods, and opportunities have been and are heavily policed.

Women of color are at the greatest risk in this current political environment, in which right-wing conservatism is threatening a range of public services from health coverage to education access to financial regulations.