USSF 2010 What Did We Accomplish?

US Social Forum: What did we accomplish? How far do we need to go?

by Michael Leon Guerrero

The second United States Social Forum (USSF) last month in Detroit, Michigan was a significant achievement for progressive movements in the U.S. Roughly 18,000 people representing 1,800 organizations attended. Just as its predecessor in Atlanta in 2007, the USSF embodied the rich diversity of ages, races, gender identities and cultures of an authentic peoples movement.

Bus Riders Union Hunger Fast for Justice - Stop Los Angeles MTA's Racist Fare Increase

May 20th 2010 – The Bus Riders Union has initiated a Hunger Fast for Justice to demand that members of the Los Angeles MTA board stop their proposed 2010 racist fare hike and save the 380,000 hours of bus service that are currently on the block to be chopped! The BRU Fasters will occupy the Historic Placita Olvera, Zocalo as they set out on this Fast for Justice. The fasters need your support; leave them a solidarity message!

FRIDAY MAY 14 NDLON Call - Updates from the Frontlines in Arizona


Dear friends and colleagues, Please join us for a national call to stop the implementation of SB1070 in Arizona --- the most anti-immigrant and racist legislation in recent memory.

On Friday, May 14th at 11am PST/ 2pm EST, we will be providing updates on how Arizona is resisting and information on the May 29th mobilization in Phoenix.