Putting New Yorkers to Work in an Economic Downturn

Community Voices Heard has been working with the Community Service Society of New York to draft a concept paper outlining a statewide program for paid Transitional Jobs for former felons and public assistance recipients. Attached here is the concept paper for this innovative initiative as well as a Return on Investment Study completed by the Fiscal Policy Institute that demonstrates how money spent now will definitely pay off later.

Congress Bails out Wall Street as 159,000 more people lose their jobs in the U.S.

Grassroots Newswire: October 4, 2008

September marked another dismal month for working people in the U.S., as the financial crisis continues to deepen. Official U.S. labor statistics show a loss of another 159,000 jobs across almost every area of the economy. This is the 9th straight month of job loss with a total of 776,000 jobs eliminated in the U.S. since January.

Comité Coordinador

Black Mesa Water Coalition (Enei Begaye)
Black Workers for Justice
Desis Rising Up and Moving (Monami Maulik)
Domestic Workers United (Ai-jen Poo, Joycelyn Campbell)
Indigenous Environmental Network (Tom Goldtooth)
Jobs with Justice (Sarita Gupta)
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (Colin Rajah)
People Organized to Win Employment Rights (Steve Williams)
SouthWest Organizing Project (Mónica Córdova)

We Need an Alternative

Like I imagine many of you, I’ve been watching the news about the collapse of the financial system, and I’ve felt overwhelmed. There’s so much to it and so little that I understand. I don’t want to stay ignorant about what’s going on because I am sure of is that whatever comes next— with the bailout, increasing numbers of home foreclosures and unemployment— is not going to be good for our communities.

Misión de GGJ

La Alianza Popular para la Justicia Global es una alianza de grupos basados en E.U. quienes están organizando para construir una agenda de poder para el pueblo trabajador y pobre. Entendemos que hay conexiones importantes entre asuntos locales en los que trabajamos y el contexto global, y nos vemos a nosotros mismos como parte de un movimiento internacional de justicia global.

Creemos que la construcción del movimiento está cimentada en el desarrollo del desarrollo de organizaciones & liderazgo de base para lograr justicia local, nacional y global.


Grassroots Global Justice is a national alliance of grassroots organizations building a popular movement for peace, democracy and a sustainable world. We support each other's local struggles and collaborate with international allies who share our vision and commitment to building a transformative social justice movement beyond borders.

Resources and Analysis

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Rescate Popular

Hoy el Congreso estadunidense votará en otra propuesta que rescataría las empresas financieras de Wall Street. Frente a la oposición pública y el fracaso del primer intento, el rescate puede ser aprobado hoy. Este plan no ayudará la gran mayoría de la gente en los Estados Unidos, de hecho pueda profundizar la crisis financiera. Va a añadir miles de dolares en deuda a cada persona en el país. No proveerá ayuda a la gente que la necesesita mas: los que están a punto de perder sus casas y ahorros, los que son o que serán desempleados, los sin acceso a servicios de salúd.