Quebec Declaration

TRUMP and its adminstration are a threat to the plant: disorder, hatred and deceit guide their actions. 

But we rise, we stand strong and we will continue to do so...

We, the women of the World March of Women in Quebec, are in solidarity with our American sisters and our sisters from all over the world. We are joining our force with the Women's March on Washington. 

Together with the different communities and groups that are particularly affected by the Trump government's orientations: women, Aboriginal nations, LGBTQIA communities, people of diverse backgrounds, women with disabilities, victims of violence and situtions of intolerable poverty,  etc,; we are determined to resist, we draw our strength from our unity. 

We denounce this designate President at the head of the United States who consolidates the rise of the right in many countries of the world that pose a threat to the entire planet.

Women are the first victims of the misogynistic, racist, and colonialist policies of these governments. They are also those that are at the forefront of political, environmental, identity, and economic struggles, facing capitalism, oligarcy and patriarchy at the risk of their life. 

We stand with them with heart, strength and energy to build a better world based on the values of the World March of Women, which are equality, freedom, solidarity, justice and peace. 

This march is only the beginning, as we will ensure that we will continue to mobilize and fight to change the world. Patriarchy will not win!

To our American sisters and all the women around the world, this January 21st, we will stand united and strong. We will be thousands of women to take the street... Our voice will be heard everywhere! 

On January 21st, stand up with us to build this world we've always imagined!

As long as not all women will be free, we will be WALKING!