GGJ believes in creating opportunities for convergence that facilitate resource sharing, popular and political education, skill sharing, dialogue, and the practice of democracy between our member organization. That is why we hold Membership Assemblies. 

Click here for a recap of Now is Our Time! The 7th GGJ Membership Assembly in 2018

2010, Miami, FL

The Miami Worker Center hosted the 2011 GGJ Membership Assembly in Florida, bringing together more than 80 participants representing 29 members organizations. At the Assembly, we affirmed our 20 year vision and 5 year goals. Our three strategic priorities were decided: 

  • Build and consolidate GGJ’s base of grassroots organizations to contribute vision, inspiration and leadership to the broader social justice movements within the US and globally. 
  • Build strategic partnerships within the US and globally to expand our capacity to achieve global justice and global well-being
  • Engage in key battles that shift public consciousness and defeat neoliberal globalization, ecological destruction, and US-led imperialism

The GGJ membership approved priority issue areas for GGJ’s work, priorities for the US Social Forum, the development of new work committees. We put democracy into action and elected four new coordinating committee members: the Vermont Worker’s Center, CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, Causa Justa::Just Cause, and the Labor Community Strategy Center. We also supported the Miami Worker’s Center’s community building action and the World March of Women’s third international action. 

2011, Raleigh, NC

Black Workers for Justice hosted the first GGJ Congress in 2011, bringing together 30 member organizations, 20 ally groups, and 3 international allies. We broadened our base, Deepened our Roots and took giant steps in the process of Building Grassroots Internationalism. We affirmed the overall framework of No Warm, No Warming, Build an Economy for the People and the Planet proposal. We made significant strides in sharpening our political positions on each area and the intersection of the three. 

The GGJ membership not only reaffirmed but also reinforced its commitment. More than 10 organizations pledged the highest levels of commitment, and 1 new organization was elected to the coordinating committee, the Just Transition Alliance. Two organizations were re-elected to the coordinating committee for two year terms: POWER and Black Workers for Justice. 

We passed resolutions in support of workers abroad, Learned from North Carolina-based organizations, and built relationships among members and with international allies. We began to collectively define “grassroots internationalism” through video interviews and political education discussion with international allies. 

2014, Detroit, MI

East Michigan Environmental Council hosted the 6th annual membership Assembly. Over 110 people from 43 organizations came together in April. We learned from our generous hosts about Detroit’s vision for 21st century Just Transition, and visited important local sites. 

Amongst our collective accomplishments were: 

  • Adopting the Get it Done! Proposal
  • Adopting Objective soft 2014-2015 
  • Agreeing to launch a U.S. chapter of the World March of Women 
  • Electing a new Coordinating Committee

We formed three program committees connected to the No War! No Warming! Build an Economy for the People and the Planet! Platform: 

  • Feminisms & Gender Justice Committee
  • New Economy Committee
  • Climate Justice Committee

GGJ members left Detroit and returned to our respective communities more shaper, more connected, more committed, and more prepared than ever.