ITR Organizational Development Coordinator

 randy [at] ittakesroots [dot] org 

Randy Jackson is a long-time strategist, organizational development facilitator, organizer, fundraiser and overall organization builder seeking solutions to the issues of racial, economic and climate justice. Prior to becoming the Development Coordinator for It Takes Roots, Randy worked as a consultant for transformational resource generation and organizational development working with national alliances, statewide base-building groups, and a national movement lawyering outfit. Previous to this, Randy worked in wide variety of settings including grassroots workers’ centers, statewide voter engagement organizations, and national networks wearing a number of hats in all of them.

Randy has experience in program development, strategic planning, financial operations, fundraising and development. He has participated in the development of various progressive movements over the years – from the growth of no- and low-wage workers’ centers, the emergence of the immigrant rights organizations, to the anti-war and peace and justice movement.