Senior Resource Strategist

Randy (he/him) is a strategist, organizer, resource mobilizer and movement builder with over 25 years experience seeking solutions to issues of racial, economic and climate justice. Prior to joining GGJ, Randy was the Director of It Takes Roots (ITR), an alliance-of-alliances bringing together Climate Justice Alliance, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Indigenous Environmental Network, and the Right to the City Alliance. While there he oversaw organizational alignment, strategy, fundraising, finances, and coordinated the United Frontline Table. Prior to ITR, he worked at different levels of the social movement ecosystem including in grassroots community groups, social justice coalitions, statewide voter engagement organizations, and national networks, playing multiple and diverse roles. He has contributed to: The Workplace Project, Miami Workers Center, POWER, Unity (the Inter-Alliance Dialogue), ALIGN and Florida New Majority. Randy spent the first 18 years of his life overseas in the Global South. He currently resides in New York City with his partner, Brooke, and is the proud father of twins, Frida and Ty.