Honolulu, Hawaiʻi — Today, leaders and organizations from across 25 Pacific nations have released a joint statement opposing the 27th Rim of the Pacific exercises (RIMPAC) scheduled to begin this week.

We issue this statement opposing RIMPAC 2024 due to its threat to our sovereignty, the health of our lands and oceans, and the harm it leads to on peoples around the world.

We call upon countries who have identified the atrocities that Israel is committing in Gaza to pull out of RIMPAC in solidarity with Palestine, with Hawaiʻi, and with the larger Moananuiākea (Pacific island nations) and we affirm our commitment to end these war games in our waters once and for all.

Protecting Oceania is a coalition of Pacific Island government and community leaders and organizations who gathered for three full days at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center as part of the Festival of the Pacific for the Protecting Oceania Summit. The purpose of the summit was to address ongoing shared struggles related to colonialism, environmental degradation, climate change and other issues we face together.

For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Joy Enomoto
Executive Director, Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice

Jonathan Osorio
Dean, Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge