GGJ is partnering with members, About Face and their Drop the MIC Campaign, to;  challenge and weaken the US War machine, educate, skill share, and build deep relationship as we work to reignite, unify, and decolonize the anti-war movement in the United States. This work is critical in these times as the many wars at home and wars abroad intensify and broaden in unimaginable ways. From the boarding schools, to the prisons, to the camps. From Palestine, to Puerto Rico and Hawaii- US colonialism and the “many-legged monster” of its military industrial complex has worked to disenfranchise and violate peoples all over this world. Dropping the MIC shows us we CAN and MUST challenge US Imperialism in all of its forms as we decolonize and reconnect to a sustainable harmonious relationship to the Earth and one another, envision and recreate a world without War.

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