As the national political crisis continues to unfold with dismantling of public services, growing power of a wealthy elite, denial of the dangers facing the planet, the growing threat of repression, and the blatant rise of white nationalists in political institutions and on the street, there is growing urgency for the Left and POC-led social movements to align our vision and strategies and put forward a common platform for the period ahead. Our survival depends on it. This is why organizations and movements have come together to form The Rising Majority. In 2017, The Movement for Black Lives and allied organizations formed The Rising Majority, to be a coalition that seeks to develop a collective strategy and shared practice that will involve labor, youth, abolition, immigrant rights, climate change, feminist, anti-war/anti-imperialist, and economic justice forces in order to amplify our collective power and to build alignment across our movements. The Rising Majority is committed to building a powerful, anti-racist left for radical democracy.

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