Resist False Solutions to Climate Change


In the 12 years since the second edition of Hoodwinked in the Hothouse was released as a pop-ed zine, practices and policies to address climate change have expanded and deepened false solutions in shocking and alarming ways. We see the pressing need to address the root causes of environmental and climate injustices by confronting four centuries of colonial-imperialism, ongoing patriarchal and white supremacist oppression, and today’s extreme neoliberal, globalized, industrial capitalist expansion. Hoodwinked demonstrates how climate change false solutions perpetuate, expand and reinforce these structures. 

Many of us have been embroiled in a climate change narrative war with big business for at least two decades. Climate policies and programs are masked inside a narrative that has very real and violent impacts on the planet. Because false solutions are embedded in the root causes of climate change, this historical and ongoing conflict is generational, erecting a barrier that keeps us from implementing real solutions. We hope Hoodwinked can be a tool to resist the false solutions that block us from realizing meaningful, just and lasting change.

To use this zine, sections are written to stand alone so they can be read in whatever order makes sense to you at the time. We have highlighted words and phrases in bold throughout the text that are in the glossary at the very end. The website has a much more expanded glossary with additional items and longer definitions. Keep an eye on the website for more information, translations and updates. 

We encourage readers, activists, teachers and allied dreamers to distribute and print at will. Everyone, heads out of the sand!

Download English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese versions of the zine!