Organizations and Global relatives are writing messages of solidarity and support of Black Lives Matter and the current uprisings in the United States: Read them below:

Jornada Continental

Jornada Continental por la Democracia y Contra el Neoliberalismo– En solidaridad con los pueblos de Estados Unidos / In solidarity with the people of the United States

International People’s Assembly


Venezuelan Popular Platform Against the Blockade

Shack Dwellers Movement- South Africa

Honduras’ National Rural Workers Center

Statement of Honduras’s National Rural Workers Center in Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Uprisings

Latin American and Caribbean Educators

Download ENGL Statement

Mexican Section of the Trinational Coalition in Defense of Public Education

Download Statement in ENGL Download Statement in ESPAN.

Argentina’s Union of Workers in the Informal Economy ( Unión de Trabajadores de la Economía Popular)