“We have to make sure that in this moment of deep trauma and hopelessness, we don’t lose that radical imagination of what is possible.” 

-Cindy Wiesner, Executive Director, Grassroots Global Justice

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare and exacerbated the costs of capitalism, and a neoliberal and imperialist model of governance, to our humanity, health, and shared planet. We believe this is the peak moment to push harder than ever for Global Wellbeing through a Just Transition to a Feminist Economy – where every person has what they need to fully realize themselves while being in right relationship with the planet and each other. 

Over the last 15 years GGJ has been a cross-issue, frontline, internationalist, and unapologetically Left alliance of grassroots movements. Following the economic justice struggles against NAFTA and the WTO Battle in Seattle our leadership attended the second World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. That pivotal gathering determined the need for grassroots social movements in the US to connect with similar movements across the world to learn from each other, and build alignment toward a shared emancipatory vision in which all living beings can thrive with dignity. GGJ was ready to build that bridge of Grassroots Internationalism. 

Since our official founding in 2005 at our first membership assembly, hosted by the Southwest Workers Union in San Antonio, TX, we have grown to over 60 member organizations. GGJ has also been instrumental in founding Climate Justice Alliance and It Takes Roots and continues to play a leadership role in each as a sister alliance. 

Recently, we held a series of webinars to gather visionary responses to the pandemic led by grassroots movements. We invite you to bear witness to the leadership from the ground as our political, economic and cultural systems are being shaken to the core and critically re-examined. Watch our “Shaping Change Together” webinar series at ggjalliance.org/updates/itr-presents-shaping-change-together-call-series 

This is the moment to respond and re-shape. How we act in moments of deep crisis reveals to ourselves and others who we are. Help us fight boldly for another 15 years and support disproportionately impacted communities and frontline solutions through our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, to support GGJ, grassroots movements in the Global South, Black communities, Black- and POC-led trans organizing, and worker cooperatives. Two thirds of all donations we receive during our spring fundraising drive will go directly to our COVID-19 Emergency Relief fund. These will be evenly split up between 4 funds.

Will you give a gift to help us meet our goal of raising $300,000 by June 2020? We appreciate any amount you contribute, small or larger. In this moment of crisis, we are hearing countless stories of how our communities are organizing more, not less, to meet the immediate demands of this moment in ways that continue advancing our long-term vision. I hope you will join us by giving more in this time, if you are able.

We encourage you to make gifts under $500 online at ggjalliance.org/donate and to mail a check or process a bank transfer for gifts of $500 or more so that we do not lose a large amount to online processing fees.

To send a check please make it out to “Grassroots Global Justice” and mail to: Grassroots Global Justice, 2000 14th St NW, Suite 104, #73768, Washington DC 20056

All donations are tax deductible.

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