English Translation

They should leave our rivers alone. If you have any honor you shouldn’t touch it. They are not for sale. All of our drink and food ultimately comes from the water there. It is what we eat and drink from.

You see the greenery here…it all comes from the water. Allah makes the water flow for us and for the future. It is not ours only, it belongs to the future generations as well. 

The water sulks and refuses to speak, because we didn’t protect it. That’s how we feel.

Most of it is gone. You would have seen it a few years ago. But most of it is gone now. The water sulks, urging us to look after it. I hear it, I feel it.

What kind of government is this? Will they dry us out? Ruin us? Kill us? Could it ever be possible? Can you sell a river? It’s unfair even to speak of it. Aren’t they ashamed of what they plan to do?

Our rivers flow all the way from high pastures. We eat fish from the river. Snow falls trees into the river. We collect wood there for the hearth. We make our living on it. We nourish from it. Are we to fade away and then stop eating?

I grew my tea plantation of 26 donums and I tended it like a child. Shall I let it dry out? How will my grandchildren live then? Will the state look after them? We are the state. 

They shouldn’t forget that. God will not justify any such acts.