In 2014 the Coordinating Committee made the decision to expand GGJ membership to a new category of Resource Allies. GGJ has deep relationships with many organizations who do not have a grassroots base but who contribute valuable skills, support and expertise to the alliance. Through our Resource Ally membership we hope to formally acknowledge and strengthen those relationships with Resource Ally organizations, and to strengthen the relationships between resource allies and member organizations by creating space within GGJ for them to connect and build with each other. Resource Allies will be eligible to participate in GGJ programs, program committees and membership assemblies, but will not be eligible for stipends or for voting at the assemblies.

Resource Ally Membership in Grassroots Global Justice is open to organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Agreement with the Grassroots Global Justice Mission, Vision and Operating Principles.
  • Commitment to collective practice within and between organizations
  • Work primarily supports membership-based organizations, especially those organizations representing or made-up of members that are most affected by problems and conditions created by corporate globalization (low-income workers, poor communities, community of color and youth)


Provide support through resources, skills, trainings and expertise to GGJ staff and member organizations

Pay annual dues (sliding scale according to budget size, see


  1. Participate in GGJ programs (delegations, trainings, membership calls, etc.)—not eligible for stipends
  2. Promote work nationally through GGJ strategic communications
  3. Participate and vote in working groups of the alliance—not eligible to block a majority decision by members in the working group
  4. Attend and participate in Membership Assemblies—not eligible to vote
  5. Connect with GGJ member organizations

Process to Apply for Resource Ally Membership:

The GGJ Coordinating committee members or staff will nominate new resource ally members.

Organizations fill out an application for membership, indicating that they meet the resource ally criteria, provide information about their organization and indicate that a decision-making body of their organization has made an affirmative decision to join GGJ.

The GGJ Coordinating Committee approve applications for membership on a quarterly basis.