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It Takes Roots

It Takes Roots (ITR) is an alignment across Indigenous Environmental Network, Climate Justice Alliance, Right to the City Alliance, and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance. ITR centers the leadership and power of urban and rural communities on the frontlines of racial,…

The Rising Majority

As the national political crisis continues to unfold with dismantling of public services, growing power of a wealthy elite, denial of the dangers facing the planet, the growing threat of repression, and the blatant rise of white nationalists in political…

“Movement building aims to form authentic, lasting solidarity across race, class, gender, sector and place through shared practice, study, reflection and visionary leadership. Intentional movement building work that ties all our fights and energies together is what will win victories for our people and move the struggle towards the liberation that burns in our hearts.”

— Pam Tau Lee, Chinese Progressive Association