GGJ Member and Movement Leader, Rose Brewer of AfroEco

If your organization is not yet a member and you are interested in applying, please read the criteria below.

We welcome individuals to join our email list to keep up with our work. However, only organizations are eligible for membership.

Membership in Grassroots Global Justice is open to organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Agreement with the Grassroots Global Justice Vision Statement and Operating Principles.
  • Are accountable to a membership or constituency (particularly worker-based organizations, community organizing organizations, student/youth organizations), especially those organizations representing or made-up of members that are most affected by problems and conditions created by corporate globalization (communities of color, low-income workers, poor communities, and youth)
  • Strategic direction of the organization is informed by the constituency
  • Primary strategy is organizing
  • Commitment to collective practice within and between organizations
  • Priority will be given to organizations with a membership base who are:
  • Comprised of communities most impacted (communities of color, low-income, poor communities, and youth)
  • Involved integrally in decision-making for the organization
  • The major source of leadership for the organization
  • Brought into contact with one another as a regular part of the functioning of the organization
  • Mobilized to achieve the goals of the organization

Requirements of Member Organizations:

Benefits of Member Organizations:

  1. Participate in GGJ programs (delegations, trainings, membership calls, etc.)
  2. Access to stipends and resources for GGJ programs
  3. Promote local work nationally through GGJ strategic communications
  4. Participate and vote in working groups of the alliance
  5. Attend, participate and vote at Membership Assemblies
  6. Run for elected positions on the Coordinating Committee
  7. Connect with Resource Allies

Process to Apply for Membership:

The GGJ Coordinating committee members will nominate new members.

Organizations fill out an application for membership, indicating that they meet the membership criteria, provide information about their organization and indicate that a decision-making body of their organization has made an affirmative decision to join GGJ.

The GGJ Coordinating Committee approve applications for membership on a quarterly basis.