Grassroots Internationalism 

GGJ holds a strong commitment to grassroots internationalism. We recognize the global dimensions of the root causes of social injustice. Our approach is to develop the capacity for US-based grassroots organizations to engage strategically with movements abroad by bringing leaders together to form working relationships, a reciprocal solidarity model, and framework for joint struggle toward collective strategy and alignment. This helps US movements learn about how popular movements abroad are defining a new vision and implementing it, and infuses their local and regional work with an international analysis. In turn, GGJ brings representatives from working class, Indigenous and communities of color on the frontlines of the climate, gender and economic crises from the US into international movement spaces to share lessons from our work with global movements.

  • We believe that movement building is grounded in the development of grassroots organizations & leadership development to achieve local, national, and global justice.
  • We believe in building relationships of solidarity between and among organizations in the United States and across the world. We have much to learn from and share with our international allies.
  • We believe that as  US based organizations, we must be committed to building a strong enough movement to prevent the US government and US corporations from suppressing popular movements and interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.
  • We believe in creating opportunities for convergence that facilitate resource sharing, popular and political education, skill sharing and dialogue between organizations.
  • We believe in joint action, that acting together in the U.S. and globally we have more power to create social change.
  • We believe by working together – Another World is Possible, a world based on the principles of international solidarity, justice, peace, dignity, equality, human rights, sustainability and democracy!

“Inside the belly of the beast we have a specific role to play because we are inside the country that is making the big moves across the globe – really the leader in pushing the neoliberalist agenda and destroying the planet. Through the global grip of capitalism and neoliberalism we are all connected. Specifically immigrant communities have been forced to migrate to the US because of US interventionism and exploitation of the natural resources all over the world that displaces entire communities. It’s really important that we are connecting at a global scale – both in our struggles and in our strategy. If we don’t do that, we miss the ability to build power together in order to counter our enemies, which are huge and are very well organized across the globe.”

— Kitzia Esteva, Causa Justa::Just Cause