Alianza Política Sector de Mujeres Guatemala

Relationships for life in Dignity

As the Political Alliance Women’s Sector we have traced as a route and as a place of arrival the Ut’z Kaslemal Qiqe Ixoq’i, that is, the Buen Vivir of Women, which guides us in the construction of harmonious relationships between people, and between people and the other elements of nature and the cosmos.

In the proposals that make up this Ut’z Kaslemal we propose that we want relationships that contribute to full human development, which contemplates the self-determination of peoples and the autonomy of our bodies, as well as a balanced relationship with nature.

This path that we have begun to walk allows us to realize the possibility of changing this society from within ourselves, in our homes, neighborhoods, communities and organizations.

Therefore, we have decided to put on paper our dreams, that is, how we imagine that we want society to be, and in it, how we want the experience of our bodies and sexualities to be. We make this proposal, then, in the form of an affirmation, decreeing that this dream will be possible in our lives, those of our sisters, daughters and granddaughters.

A context that allows us to be free

In order to live our sexualities freely, we need imaginaries and ideas that encourage the liberation of our bodies, because our families, organizations, jobs, communities and all spaces of social action encourage us to live with freedom of expression.

We dream of an environment that builds autonomy, independence, freedom, pleasure, solidarity; that gives us guidelines to decide for ourselves, and that gives us the space to fraternize with others and with nature through that connection we have with the cosmos and biodiversity.

We want society to promote autoeroticism and enthusiasm for one’s own life and for the enjoyment of the various areas of life; that politics revolves around the satisfaction of the desires of society as a whole, built from the care of life on the planet. From this point of view, human reproduction must be done in freedom, socially providing the conditions for it to be carried out in a dignified manner.

We dream of promoting the habit of thinking about the unknown as a form of rupture and individual and social growth, as well as the self-discovery of capacities and potentialities for the contribution to the care of the web of life and society.

On a personal and intimate level with ourselves

We need to constitute ourselves as subjects, recognizing our history, the limits we have overcome, the contributions we have made and the challenges we have to assume in order to be free beings.

This means seeing ourselves, recognizing our feelings; to take the step towards the construction of our personal autonomies, that is to say, to advance towards the awareness of the internalization of the oppressions that mark us, and to advance towards deciding about our own bodies and territories, from questioning our practices and life ethics.

To build that personal peace and live in harmony, we need to recover the joy and spirituality, in order to recover ourselves. For this, we promote self-care, taking care of our nutrition, taking care of our attitudes: thinking, feeling and speaking.

We assume responsibility for ourselves, our bodies, our sexualities and our lives. This requires us to believe that we have power and to get out of the victimization that has historically been imposed on us. This implies self-evaluation, in order to make evident when we are using patriarchal and sexist practices, and to allow deep transformations in each one of us.

In the private sphere, the closest thing

Our goal is to build harmonious relationships to have fulfilling lives. This calls us to promote a series of actions that break with traditional ways of relating to each other that are racist, authoritarian, hierarchical, sexist, arrogant, victimizing; ones of domination and submission.

The exercise of our sexuality is everywhere, it is part of our daily coexistence, that is why we want in our lives to have free, loving social relationships based on respect, autonomy, humanity, dignity and cooperation for the care of life in fullness through the praxis of tenderness.

That in our relationships we have the freedom to share, to express and live together in environments free of contamination, because we understand that our sexuality has a relationship with people, with the sun, with the moon and with everything. 

It means that in our closest spaces we have the possibility to be calm and joyful, to express love, affection and care; but we also have the possibility to enjoy solitude as our own space for reflection, meditation or to be with ourselves.

It is to be able to decide collectively what brings pleasure to all the people who live together in a space, whether it is caring, walking, dancing, having music, making love.

From our horizon, the Ut’z Kaslemal Qique Ixoq’i, we see that there are large areas in which to act with others, from the construction of complicities to the accumulation of political strength; the sharing of responsibilities equitably to cement the principle of reciprocity, cooperation and harmony.

Last but not least is the experience of our sexuality in freedom, fully in tune with our being.

Our sexuality will be free and liberating – autonomous and pleasurable in relationships where each living being contributes to reciprocal empowerment. There is no single model of sexuality. It is self-conscious, informed and responsible: we know our body and its potentialities, as well as the implications in our lives of each decision we make.

Likewise, it is integrally healthy, recognizing that sexual practices do not imply abuse, domination or control of others.

We are diverse, different, with different tastes, always with our dignity, recognizing those differences. Our sexuality is always changing, just like our taste.

To live our full sexuality is to give ourselves affection, to give ourselves time to think, to feel, to have pleasure, to love, to experience, to enjoy from within. It is to recognize our erotic capacity and the connection we have in all areas of life. It is a space of empowerment of erotic power and creativities marked by humor, joy, celebration and freedom.

To the extent that we live our bodies and sexualities in freedom and autonomy, we will build free and harmonious territories.