National Green New Deal Organizer

Margaret Kwateng is the National Green New Deal Organizer at Grassroots Global Justice, where she is working with members to build toward a regenerative feminist economy. Prior to joining GGJ, Margaret worked for years as a community and labor organizer in working class communities of color and with rank and file nurses. In 2014, she co-founded Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson, a multi-issue community organization in upstate New York. As a former member of GGJ’s sister alliance, Right to the City, Margaret’s became plugged into GGJ activities such as the CJA conference in 2015, the ITR People’s Caravan in 2016, as well as local and broader actions throughout 2017. She currently lives in Brooklyn, where she was born and raised, though her time in the Hudson Valley led her to an unexpected appreciation of the outdoors and uncommon CSA vegetables.