By Tom Kertscher

While running for president in 2020, Joe Biden pledged that “disadvantaged communities” would get 40% of the overall benefits of federal spending on clean energy and energy efficiency.


Biden’s executive order included a “Justice40 Initiative” that asked federal officials to recommend how certain federal expenditures could advance the 40% goal. 


Adrien Salazar, policy director of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, told PolitiFact the Biden’s administration is progressing on his promise, but is also making contradictory moves.

The administration has progressed on Justice40 this year “directly in response to the feedback of environmental justice communities and leaders, which made repeated requests for more robust, rigorous and transparent implementation of environmental justice commitments this administration has made,” Salazar said.

But the progress has been “hobbled” by the administration’s efforts to expand energy technologies that cause pollution, including expansion of fossil fuels, he said.

Biden pledged to give disadvantaged communities 40% of spending benefits related to clean energy. The administration has progressed on some efforts, but has not created a system to track spending.

We rate this promise In the Works.

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