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By Barbara Ransby

On this International Women’s Day, as the world watches a historic and bloody war unfold in Europe — while people in the United States and Europe largely continue to ignore the suffering of the millions of Black and Brown people who have been rendered stateless by war, corruption and the climate crisis, many of them women — we need to fortify ourselves, pump up our optimism and bolster our resolve to fight for a better world.


So, what can we do on International Women’s Day to honor the legacies of feminist internationalists? Here are three ways to begin. Go to the website of Grassroots Global Justice Alliance to learn about and support their work to build grassroots feminist networks around the world. Learn more about groups like Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) that are supporting feminist resistance to war in Russia and Ukraine today.


Despite narrow and disparaging reductions of left feminist politics as “identity politics,” left feminism demands that we infuse all of our organizing with a spirit of internationalism, with radical democratic practice, and with a deep and unshakeable commitment that we throw no one under the bus in our envisioning and fighting for a better world.

Looking ahead, we need a revolution of values, systems and cultures. And feminist organizers and cultural workers must, as the late writer-activist Toni Cade Bambara reminded us, “make revolution irresistible.” That is our task. Let’s embrace it.

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