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Throughout history women, gender-oppressed Black, Indigenous & people of color across the globe have had to fight for their safety, livelihood, and basic human rights. We have shouldered the disproportionate burdens of a global economy that relies on the exploitation of gendered reproductive labor and of our planet’s natural resources. The current moment represents an escalation in the continued attack on social, economic, and climate justice. In the age of Trump and the global rise of the right wing, among many other issues, misogyny is becoming normalized, reproductive rights are being threatened, and hate crimes are increasing.

This is a critical year in the fight against neofascism inside the US and the results of the 2020 elections will have repercussions for social movements and all those who fight for justice throughout the world. GGJ will be coordinating with other national left forces to bring a Grassroots Feminist Brigade to Florida later this year as part of our contribution to building feminist leadership that contends for power.

This FOS will be in collaboration with Florida’s Grassroots Feminist Collaboration and GGJ member Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) who will be bringing feminist leadership to civic engagement in Florida, a key battleground state. We’ll be starting off the year intentionally building with our Florida allies doing civic engagement and state power building work such as the Statewide Alignment Group (SWAG), which includes SEIU, New Florida Majority, Dream Defenders, Central Florida Jobs with Justice, Organize Florida, Faith in Florida, and FLIC in preparation for the work ahead of us.

We hope for the FOS to provide a space for grassroots leaders to come together and create a shared vision for the grassroots feminist movement that we hope to build. Through an intensive training, we will delve into a theoretical and historical consideration of the intersections of patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, white supremacy and climate change, and will support each other in the task of bringing a feminist fight and vision to our movement.