Just Recovery is a framework that resists the status quo solutions of disaster recovery that focuses on aid, extraction, and displacement and moves toward transformative solutions that respond, recover, and rebuild. “Respond” means to activate mutual support networks to support communities on the ground to meet the articulated needs of those most impacted and vulnerable, rather than national emergency response that often marginalizes those most impacted. “Recover” means to provide resources and support so that all people can get back their homes and work, rather than extract cheap labor and land from impacted communities for exploitation. “Rebuild” means long-term support to communities so they are stronger than prior to disaster and no longer vulnerable, rather than displacing people from their communities. A Just Recovery framework was advanced after Hurricane Havey as a way to incorporate and build upon the incredible work of so many people and communities, particularly led by women of color, from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to the BP oil disasters.

Adapted from the Just Recovery Framework by Jayeesha Dutta, the leadership of Bryan Parras and T.E.J.A.S., and Another Gulf is Possible. For more visit the Our Power Puerto Rico: Moving Toward a Just Recovery report by Climate Justice Alliance.