Solidarity in the Time of Coronavirus

Emerging Community Priorities from Florida Grassroots Organizations,

Most accurate number of infections and deaths (CDC)

Demands from Grassroots Organizers Concerning COVID-19

Stopping evictions and price-gouging in the coronavirus crisis

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The Only Treatment for Coronavirus Is Solidarity

How to Take Action Without Leaving the House

Community Care: Physical Distancing should not mean Social Isolation

What is the possibility for making long-lasting demands in this moment?

Ongoing Resources from Center for Disease Control (CDC)

COVID-19 Situation Summary

COVID-19 Travel Information

COVID-19 Recommended Strategies for Employers

Misc. Resources

Tools on online training and facilitation from Training for Change

Article on preventative strategies in epidemiology & “flattening the curve,” which is a way to slow and limit the spread: 

Pod Mapping for Mutual Aid

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