“My big takeaway from Standing Rock is how to challenge the theme JOBS VERSUS ENVIRONMENT. As I was leaving Bismarck for home, I was struck by the local pride in oil drilling.  “Drill Baby Drill!” and “North Dakota Oil Country” logos were prominent on cups, T-shirts, hoodies, refrigerator magnets, similar to how San Francisco is associated with the Golden Gate Bridge. The local media bemoaned the fact that DAPL workers and their families were losing income due to the construction delays caused by “protestors.”  For me, it reinforced the importance of promoting our Just Transition agenda that embraces jobs AND the environment, with emphasis on local economies and local solutions. Reliance on oil for energy is unsustainable on so many levels. Reliance on wind power and sun power in North Dakota is. In the few days we spent at Standing Rock Camp, I saw that wind power would be a renewable source for energy and local jobs; the many blown down camp tents were living proof of that fact!  In my day to day work, I will work to better promote a Just Transition agenda that addresses workers. The Extractive Industries have divided us from each other; the construction trade unions are promoting themselves as the voice and consciousness of workers and their families. This Jobs versus Environment themes has to be challenged and we can do it.”