Today GGJ delegates joined hundreds of nurses, Iraq war veterans, Chicago community members and members of the international labor community to say “We want our money back!”

In a spirited rally at Daley Plaza today, the energy was high as National Nurses United (NNU) called for a financial transactions tax on speculators that would be used to pump money back into the US economy. This tax would produce billions of dollars for healthcare, housing, jobs, education and other vital services that have been slashed at the behest of corporate interests.

As representatives of frontline communities ravaged by foreclosures, service cuts and poverty, our delegation thought that the Robin Hood tax was a pretty good idea. Speakers at the rally representing the 99% talked about wanting additional money to end AIDS, end climate change, fund transit justice and protect and promote the rights and livelihood of workers and families everywhere.

Delegation member Rose Brewer said, “I like the idea of it. With one caveat: Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. The difference here is that we are not stealing from the rich-we are taking our money back and putting it where it belongs–back into the hands of our communities.”



Alicia Garza, Executive Director of POWER