Racial Justice Has No Borders – Militarization in a time of Pandemic Town Hall Webinar

“From California to NY, we’ve already seen actions to advance the release of many people. It’s a good start, but we want to release everyone. Because we know jails and detention centers are not hospitable. They’re not safe for anyone.” – Kitzia Esteva, Grassroots Global Justice

“It’s alarming for people right now to find themselves constrained. At a young age, I found myself in that situation when my country broke into war. I know the anxiety that comes when you can no longer lead a normal life. What a tragedy it is.” – Rep @Ilhan, U.S. Congress

“Healthcare workers are sacrificing sleep to save the lives of strangers, in a society that teaches us to do the opposite. I think the more ways we find to bring out our more generous selves, the more sustainable our freedom dreams will be.” – 
@BarbaraRansby, @rising_majority

“What would it look like if we took resources generated to harm people, and used those to reinvest in building better communities for all of us, where no one experiences harm? In fact, that’s the only way that we’ll come to thrive.” Ash-Lee Woodard-Henderson, 

GGJ is a member of this new coalition of communities impacted by war and militarization.  Several of our members and close allies will present on this Town Hall on the eve of the Wisconsin Primary to lift up this critical front of organizing in context of the Coronavirus Pandemic and all the urgency of this political moment. 

Racial Justice Has No Borders is a new, broad anti-war coalition that seeks to recenter the conversation about U.S. wars and militarization on the needs and leadership of those most impacted.  This coalition puts a focus on diaspora, refugee, veteran, Black, Brown and Indigenous communities who bear the brunt of this country’s militarism to challenge the myth that more police, wars and weapons have made any of us more safe or secure. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that we forge new avenues for global solidarity that can lead to real and lasting peace and security. 

On April 6th at 3 pm EDT, 2 pm CDT, 1 pm MDT, 12 pm PDT the eve of the Wisconsin Democratic Primary, the coalition hosted a powerful virtual Town Hall examining where the presidential candidates and their parties currently stand on US military policy, Defense spending, the ongoing ‘War on Terror,’ and militarization at home.  Specifically, the Town Hall will launch a shared campaign demanding the immediate end to the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) that has been the pillar of escalated US military intervention under the banner of the War on Terror.

Racial Justice Has No Borders Coalition Members: About Face: Veterans Against The War, Adalah Justice Project, Grassroots Global Justice, Dissenters, MADRE, Stand With Kashmir, Center for Constitutional Rights, Ambazonian Prisoners of Conscience, Veterans for Peace, Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, War Resisters League, Peace Action – WI, Voices of the Sacred, Palestine Youth Movement, Win Without War, Institute of Policy Studies.