Frontline communities have long held solutions to the climate crisis. Black, Brown, API, Indigenous, and working class communities in the United States and across the Global South have pioneered Just Transition frameworks to move their communities from forced reliance on extractive economies to regenerative and sustainable ways of living. We are organizing for a Green New Deal that scales to national policy the wisdom and solutions that have worked for frontline communities and workers.

The United Frontline Table

The United Frontline Table is a network of sixteen organizations of frontline peoples – alliances, coalitions, community organizations and their member organizations – that has come together to advance a new feminist, regenerative economy, based in racial justice, jobs, health, and safety for all people and the planet. A Green New Deal that leads with solutions from frontline communities is the Green New Deal we need.

The People’s Orientation to the Regenerative Economy

We are in a critical moment to make a downpayment on a feminist, Regenerative Economy and prevent future crises, starting with a Green New Deal that invests in frontline communities – indigenous peoples, API, Black, Brown, and poor white marginalized peoples. The People’s Orientation to the Regenerative Economy is an expansive toolkit offering community groups, policy advocates, and policymakers a pathway toward a feminist, Regenerative Economy based on wisdom and solutions from frontline communities. It lays out concrete steps to implement policy at the local, state, national and tribal levels. Using a framework of Protect, Repair, Invest and Transform, A People’s Orientation to the Regenerative Economy.

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Green New Deal

Green New Deal pays homage to one of the most exclusionary sets of policies in the history of the U.S. that advanced economic solutions at the expense of Black, Indigenous peoples, and poor white domestic workers. Paired with the forces...

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