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Information on Summits

The People’s Summit website offers a wealth of information about the Summit, organizing themes, events, and materials to prepare you for participation. Main themes include: 

  • Ethical and philosophical fundamentals: subjectivity, domination, and emancipation
  • Human rights, peoples, territories and defense of Mother Earth
  • Political subjects, the architecture of power and democracy
  • Production, distribution and consumption, access to wealth, common goods and the economies in transition

Statements on the People’s Summit and Rio+20

Reclaiming our Future: Rio+20 and Beyond, a call to action by La Via Campesina. (posted 5/29/12)

People’s Summit at Rio+20 for Social and Environmenal Jusice, Against Commodification of Life, and in Defense of the Commons, Call to Action for June 5th and June 20th. (posted 6/12/12)

A Focus on Brazil

Food and Energy Sovereignty Now: Brazilian Grassroots Position on Agroenergy, written by The Oakland Institute, 2/25/08 (posted 6/5/12)

International Rivers, an organization at the heart of the global struggle to protect rivers and the rights of communities that depend on them, reported on various actions that took place in various South American countries.  Scroll to see what has taken place in Brazil. (poste 6/5/12)

Statement by Joao Pedro Stedile in meeting with President Dilma.  This is a transcript of the talk by Joao Pedro Stedile of the MST in the meeting between Dilma and representatives of civil society held on January 26, 2012 during the Thematic Social forum in Porto Alegre. (posted 6/5/12)

The Neoliberal Agrarian Model in Brazil, an article by Joao Pedro Stedile in Monthly Review (posted 6/5/12)

Useful Multi-Media Pieces