The US State Department needs to hear from you today!

The global 1% is converging in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this June at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development to unveil their “Green Economy” strategy—but we know that just calling something “green” doesn’t mean it’s good for people or for the planet.  The “Rio+20” Conference is a key moment when world government have an opportunity to either act to protect our future, or continue on the same failed strategies that are threating our future.

The 99% are also mobilizing to Brazil this June.  Grassroots Global Justice and other grassroots groups in the Climate Justice Alignment will join thousands of people from social movements around the world converging in Rio to demand an end to profit-driven dirty energy industries like oil drilling and pipelines, market-based strategies like carbon-trading and forest exploitation, and extreme energy like fossil fuels and incinerators.

John Matuszak, US Rio+20 Lead Negotiator, and Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State need to hear from you today!


While we are in Rio, we will call on the US government to take a stand against the worst tendencies of “Green Capitalism” and the “Greed Economy,” and instead invest in solutions to the root causes of the ecological and economic crises that put our communities to work, cool the planet, and transition to local economies.

On June 20th, we will join the mass mobilization called for by La Vía Campesina, World March of Women, and other global social movements to deliver these demands to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Rio+20 Lead Negotiator John Matuszak.  

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