Photo by Vanesa Ordoñez

Our first in-person Berta Cáceres International Feminist Organizing School (IFOS) was held in Honduras in August 2023, in partnership with La Jornada Continental — the Continental Alliance against Neoliberalism and for Democracy. This school is the next step in realizing our vision of building and strengthening a worldwide grassroots feminist movement based on the principles of a feminist economy.

More than 100 people attended, representing alliances and organizations throughout the hemisphere. We brought a 22-person GGJ delegation comprised of members, allies, and staff, some of whom led as facilitators. Over six days, we explored the theoretical and historical intersections of patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, white supremacy, and the climate crisis. The school closed with a pilgrimage to Berta’s resting place and a learning session with her organization, the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH).

Photos by Vanesa Ordoñez

“I learned new methodology around popular education, new feminist analysis and concepts, and how our movements must create space to develop our own theories around our practices.”
La Vía Campesina delegate

“I learned about the importance of language justice to facilitate movement spaces to build internationally and also got to understand the depth of grassroots movements within the U.S.”
ALBA Movimiento of Venezuela delegate

“Feminism is the road to unity through diversity.”
World March of Women delegate

“I learned about mystica as a political spiritual intervention…and how recovering our bodies is the first place of defense of our territories.”
GGJ delegate

“Leaving with deep love after sharing our feminist experiences.”
Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (CSA-TUCA) delegate

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The 2023 Berta Cáceres International Feminist Organizing School is a collaboration between GGJ and La Jornada Continental. GGJ is also a member of La Jornada Continental, an alliance spanning multiple sectors including trade unions, women’s movements, peasants, environmentalists, and regional organizations, holding a joint space for resistance and developing alternatives to oppressive systems in the Americas.