Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ) is an alliance of US-based grassroots organizing (GRO) groups comprised of working and poor people and communities of color. GGJ brings GRO groups into a long-term process of relationship building, political alignment and transformational leadership development. We weave and bridge together US-based GRO groups and global social movements working for climate justice, gender justice, an end to war, and a just transition to a Feminist economy.

The populations represented by GGJ's membership reflect a broad US cross-section: informal sector workers, domestic workers, public school & garment factory workers and other reproductive laborers in Florida, Texas, New Mexico, California, Washington, Michigan; youth organizers in Philadelphia; veterans against war across the US; Indigenous peoples in northern Arizona, across the northern plains and great lakes regions and in Alaska; migrant workers, worker centers and worker-owned cooperative projects in North Carolina, Jackson MI, Florida, Boston, rural Washington, Vermont and Southern Maine; environmental justice organizers in New York City, Providence, Albuquerque, Detroit, Seattle, South/Southeast Texas, Northern & Southern California, Alaska; and organizers who fight for housing, immigrant, environmental and economic rights in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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